6 Strategy To Play Fish Table Online

Fish table online is an extremely familiar game, easy to play thanks to simple operation with the attraction of beautiful interface, vivid graphic, colorful images and vivid sounds. However, you will not be able to easily win if you are only able to perform flexible operations. All you need to be able to win a fish shooting game easily is the effective strategy and tricks to win quickly.

There are two shooting fish game versions: fish tables online and fish table games. In general, they are quite similar with each other, except for manipulation. Therefore, you can apply our 6 strategies to get the victory easier.

Capturing and understanding the trick of the fish table game is essential for all players, whether beginners, professional players from women to the olderly. With easy-to-understand gameplay, simple rules suitable for many ages, a lot of players want to be rich thanks to fish table online. Therefore, the only way to increase your chances of winning is to find out information, tips and tricks before enjoying this game.

In this article, Bet88sg has summarized the most effective strategies to help you win online fish game easier. These strategies are offered by many experienced players and Many players have applied won at fish tables online in the US like Super 777 club.. Hopefully, you can know how to win money at fish tables and get the huge victories after following this article.

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6 Strategy To Win On Fish Shooting Games

According to many sources, especially Bet88 , we summarized 6 strategy to win fish shooting games effectively. Firstly, you should know about your weapons that you will use in your adventure. There are 3 types of weapons so how to use them to bring the highest efficiency because when choosing any weapon, you will lose a corresponding number of coins, so choose which type must also calculate to suit the best.

  • Cannons: the main weapon used to shoot fish, cannons have 10 types of bullets from low to high.
  • Exploding bombs: once tossed a bomb will kill all the fish in its affected area.
  • Electric shock: when electric shock will cause fish in the affected area to be shocked, reducing blood.

1. Choose A Suitable Bullets

You should be based on the suitable type of fish to choose the right kind of bullets. You can lose almost all your bullets and the number of coins you lose is likely to be more than you would get from shooting a fish. Therefore, to save bullets and save money, you must base on each type of fish to choose the appropriate bullet

2. Make a Headshot

You have to use the big bullets from level 4 to shoot the big fish. However, these fish are usually very strong, let’s wait for the fish to swarm in a group and then shoot in the middle of it. This makes it easier to catch more fish and has high efficiency results. You will need a lot of patience when making this strategy to play a fish shooting game because you need to aim at the right time for your best advantage.

3. Shoot 3 To 5 Rounds Continuously

This effective strategy is to use the 2 or 3 bullets when shooting at the fish group, you should shoot from 3 to 5 times continuously at the group of fish to get the best results. A group of fish usually crowded in the range of 7 to 10 fish, shooting continuously many times easier to catch more fish. However, please pay attention to the amount of coins in your hand.
Note: Using this tip will lose a lot of coins, so you should not be used often because it is very fast out of coins. You have to choose a suitable fish to shoot.

4. Pay Attention To The Points Of Each Type Of Fish

Each fish has a different score. The smaller the fish is, the less coins you have. The bigger fish is, the more coins you have. However, the small fish is easy to kill while the big fish is more difficult. Therefore, don’t too focus on the big fish! Let’s combine and aim to shoot other small fish.

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5. Change Your Guns Constantly

When shooting, you should not only choose one type of gun and other weapons often, you should know how to flexibly use and change guns frequently. This requires you to have an accurate calculation of the time to change the gun accordingly. As well as determine which guns to use and which type of gun. Besides, you should consider carefully to avoid the case of wasting bullets if you use it unsuitable.

6. Shoot Fish With A Lot Of Coins

As the experienced players, this tip means using a lot of coins to shoot fish with big bullets and continuous shooting. This way will get many big fish, many points, but if you have no a lot of experience, it is very easy to clear the number of coins you have. Therefore, you need to have the assurance of accuracy, correct timing as well as accumulate yourself a suitable amount of coins to shoot comfortably.


We have introduced you to some effective strategy to play fish shooting game. Hopefully these experiences will help you win this game and get the biggest rewards easily. What are you wait ?

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