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5 Types Of Slot Machines

Getting better knowledge of many various types of slot machines is one of the vital steps to make the most of your experience while playing slot games. With the diversified types of slot games, you will get many choices to select your favorite slot. Here are 5 popular types of slot games that you can refer:

1. Classic Slots : Three Reel Classic Slots

The classic slots are three-reels slots. The three-reels slots were made in 1899 and they have been popular up to the present. The classic slots are created by an intricate mechanism consisting of physical wheels and many symbols. Every reel can contain from 10 to 32 symbols anywhere and these symbols can be called stops. Slots online are not limited by the physical space. Thus, they might be programmed to consist of so many symbols. The number of symbols in each reel will affect naturally your payout and odds. Players press a button or pull a lever that is placed on the side of the slot machine to make the reels spin. This lever is one iconic feature of the land-based slot games and it is the inspiration of the term “one-armed bandit”. Whenever 3 similar symbols queue, it will create a win. In the present, more versions of the slot machines have become so popular such as five and seven-reels slots. These versions maintain the original qualities and principle of the three-reels slots, but they also add more excitement and variety to these games. Thus, slot games with extra reels get more challenges for the players to win and further reels often equal a bigger jackpot.

2. Multi Pay-line Slots

Initially, the classic slots consist of one pay-line only. It means that in case 3 similar stops land on one line, the players will win. However, in the present, the players will see more five-reels slots along with multiple pay-lines. In these games, the players can bet on only 1 line or up to twenty lines. If you bet on 1 line, it is often the middle one. If many lines are related, you might create a winning pattern by using 2 or 3 stops from some lines. With a 20-line slot game, your winning opportunities are bigger since you cover so many grounds, though it will cost you further. You can enhance your odds better by raising the betting amount for each line. Although this is very complicated because of multi pay-line slot games, you can get a chance of getting higher winnings. 

3. Video Slots

In the 1970s, electronic slot games transformed into video slots. The name “Fortune Coin” is the initial video slot machine that was created by Walt Farley and this is also the first hit to the casino field in 1975. Until the beginning of the 1980s, video slot games got public trust. From that time, video slot machines actually became popular. With the born of video, it revolutionized the industry since this technology wasn’t limited by physical dimensions or mechanics. With the video technology, digital spinning reels are set and displayed on a screen along with a spinning button that you use to make the reels spin. The video slot games feature many line counts, betting options and graphics that are more outstanding than the ability of any traditional slot machine. Throughout the 80s, video poker became popular as well and both of them have been permanent in land-based casinos up to the present. The video technology enabled the beginning of free rounds and bonus games along with linking slot machines for some progressive jackpots. With the combination of many betting options and line counts, along with interesting bonuses, progressive jackpots, and graphics make video slot games turn into a vast making-money industry. 

4. Progressive Slots

After the creation of video slot machines, progressive slots were created. In the progressive slot games, the jackpot prize increases consecutively until somebody gets the jackpot. Initially, it took a form of the cumulative jackpot in only one slot machine, then, more slot machines can be linked to produce bigger jackpots. The money in all of the slot games can be pooled together. The experts in Bet88 consider that slot machines can even be linked in many different places on a national scale. Therefore, slot games made a stir by being the latest breed of the lottery. With the development of online casino and thousands of computers in the world, the sky is the limit because the world could be linked to a progressive jackpot. Thus, the land-based and online casino get the probability to accumulate many million-dollar jackpots that can increase fat and hit more often.

5. 3D Slots

To maintain the attraction to the players, the producer of slot games introduced three-dimensional narratives and characters to their products. With computer technology, it is very easy to accomplish but there is also a difficult competition among designers because they have to make more creative products. The symbols from each slot have originated from our favorite television shows and films. In the present, you can easily find an energy slot that fits you most from adventure, action to romance or anything you like most. The developers also invent the latest characters and narratives that can become iconic in their right. Generally, reputable and big gaming companies can have bigger budgets, so they tend to produce many most exciting 3D slots games along with the biggest production values. It works favoring the players because it is often safer and better to select a more reputable and established gaming site.

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The slot games have color and long history. They are interesting products of technological and industrial revolutions. Up to now, there have been many various types of slot games and this will be the dynamics of other casino games. Besides immersing in the best slot games, you also find a lot of information about the payout odds of these games in other countries through the Bet88 news channel. 

Now, find your favorite slot game, start to play, and get winnings.

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