4 Common Mistakes Can Make You Lose Big While Playing Online Baccarat

Baccarat is a game that always attracts a large number of players in both land-based casino and online casino. Many players get huge profits thanks to investing in Baccarat. However, other players also lose pretty big money after leaving the Baccarat table.

Why are there big winners and also huge losers at the Baccarat table? This article will indicate 4 common mistakes that make you fail while playing online Baccarat.

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1. Applying Many Various Betting Strategies Without Caring Your Bankroll

When playing online Baccarat, many players apply betting tactics without any plans. It leads them to place quick bets and also lose a lot.

For example, the Martingale betting strategy is the most common and safe betting one. If you apply it correctly, it will certainly bring you efficiency. However, not every player can use it, especially when you often make the following mistake:

Your capital is too low to wait until you get a win.

You cannot control yourself after each loss, so you can make the wrong decisions.

You choose Baccarat betting types that are too risky, for example, Tie.

2. Focusing Too Much On Tie

Commonly, Baccarat players enjoy placing bets on Tie than Banker and Player because they think that if the result were not Banker or Player, it would be Tie. Thus, the players can get a winning probability of 30%. However, this is a wrong deductive. In fact, the winning probability of Tie is less than 10%. Therefore, if you place your bet on Tie, you can be likely to wait up to 10 rounds until you get 1 win. Therefore, you can easily losses. Besides that, you likely do not have enough money to place 10 bets continuously to offset your losses.

3. Believing Too Much On Card Counting Techniques

Many punters playing Baccarat or Blackjack at amateur betting spots or those who are affected by movie thinks that counting card exactly is a sure win. However, both online and land-based casinos are optimally designed to anti-fraud. Specifically, online Baccarat tables use from 4 to 8 decks of cards. Each deck has 52 cards. Besides, the time for each game is only a maximum of 1 minute. The players only have the 30s to place bets. Therefore, counting cards is almost impossible with the normal human brain.

4. Don’t Know When To Stop

More players always try to win more to offset their losses while playing any casino games. Besides that, other players do not want to stop playing when they are in a winning streak because they think that they are in luck and they can get further winnings. However, the fact is always contrary. The players likely go bankrupt or are indebted.

In case you lose too much and continuously, you should check whether the Baccarat strategies and types you have used are right or wrong. Sometimes, you meet many losses because you are not in luck. Anyway, you should stop placing more bets. Then, you can take your time to research how to play Baccarat and keep on placing bets when you are ready. It is best to stop when you have lost from 50% to 70% of the limit of your betting amount and not to place bets until running out of money.

If you are in a winning streak, you should remember that no players can win forever. Sometimes, you can lose. Moreover, if you have played for a long time, your body will be tired and you can make unwise decisions. Therefore, you should set yourself a limit of the winning amount in which you will stop betting if you reach that amount. Then, you can play betting games on another day or another time.


Have you made any of the 4 common mistakes above while playing online Baccarat? If the answer is yes, you should note and adjust your gameplay right now to quickly become a winner and get profits. If the answer is no, congratulations! However, you also need to remember these 4 common mistakes to avoid making them while enjoying online Baccarat.

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